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Meet Your New Asheville Butchers

Meet Your New Asheville Butchers

Video Transcription

Brenda: The New York Butcher Shoppe is a small franchise in the Southeast, and it was started in 1999 by the D'Elia family. It was a man based out of Brooklyn, New York. He started the first Butcher Shoppe in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. They eventually moved into a franchise business in 2003, and the current owners of the franchise purchased the group in 2006. They now have 12 locations across the Southeast, with a 13th getting started in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are the first one in North Carolina for this group.

My husband and I stumbled upon one of these in Augusta, Georgia. My stepkids grew up there. And we had gone there for lunch a few times with the kids and eventually decided to bring back a steak with us, and it was amazing. I've always wanted to own a business and run a business but hadn't found that business that really was something that I could believe in and that offered a product that I really wanted to buy myself. So, when we saw the concept we thought: "Wow, this would be great for Asheville! Why don't we go for it?" So that's why we brought it to Asheville.

Jeff: So our New York Butcher Shoppe here in Arden, we are one of the only purveyors here that can sell retail or certified Angus beef steaks. Certified Angus beef steaks are graded by the USDA graders and they are looking for 10 other specifications in their steaks to qualify it for certified Angus beef. It's always black Angus. Two of the most important things for me when I'm looking at a steak, is the texture, the marble and the size of the steak. So this is 10 to 16 inches of ribeye steak right here, this is a prime cut from certified Angus beef. The marbling inside, it's beautiful and when you see this steak you're going to see all the juiciness and the flavor is coming from that marble. It's in the steak. One of the other things that we do here at the New York Butcher Shoppe is our great wine selection. We have over 100 types of wines and you can pair them up with all the meals that you're making. Grilling your steak, I'll find the perfect Cabernet for you.

Brenda: We have a fantastic staff here. It's really about customer service. That's really what we're trying to drive, is high quality product and a high level of customer service and so we want people to feel welcome when they come into the shop. We want to drive a sense of community. We're also introducing a wine club, which is intended to help bring together the community one night a month. It enables people to socialize and try some of the food and the wine and just come together. So we're excited to just really stay in Asheville and be part of the Asheville community.

Jeff: If you'd like to learn more, come on down to the shop here at 200 Julian Shoals Drive over in Arden. My name is Jeff. Andrew and Anthony are with us here. We'll make you feel comfortable and go through and make sure that you get the steak cut the way you like, or the meals, maybe even some recipes, share them with you. You can find us on the web at Hope to see you soon.