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Cheshire Pork – Why Eat Anything Else?

Locally raised, tender and delicious. Selective breeding makes this the best pork you will ever taste. Only the top 3% of breeds qualify for this demanding standard of excellence.

The New York Butcher Shoppe South Asheville is a proud purveyor of the Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork® brand of products, located right here in North Carolina. From pork chops to roasts to baby back ribs, each bite is full of flavor and juicy due to the meat’s firm texture and superior marbling.

The story of Cheshire Pork begins in the early 1970s. The brand is owned and managed by the Ivey family, a hard-working, determined (now) fourth generation of farmers whose success continues because of their driving principles: innovating community business leadership and upholding customer satisfaction.

Originally sold in majority to the Japanese market, the hogs were quickly recognized for their superior genetics and the Ivey family’s attention to animal welfare practices. Since that time, the Ivey family has moved to Goldsboro, North Carolina, and introduced what is known today as the Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork® brand in 2010. The product is now available in 25 states across the US through 30 distributors. Click HERE to learn more about the product and the brand story.

If you are looking for a delicious alternative to beef or poultry, Cheshire Pork should certainly be on your list. Stop by the New York Butcher Shoppe South Asheville to pick up a chop, or special order any one of the other delicious products offered by Heritage Farms!