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Cedar Plank Faroe Island Salmon

Sustainable Faroe Island Salmon

September 16, 2019

The Faroe Islands are centrally located between Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom. This remote location offers pristine cool sea waters with strong currents and steady temperatures, enabling sustainable farming of the Atlantic Salmon in its naturally desired surroundings. The texture of the filet is like none other: soft, fluffy and delicious.

This simple cedar plank salmon recipe is a delicious and easy way to sear in a great smoky flavor quickly using our premium FOGO hardwood lump charcoal. We recommend using an indirect grilling method to ensure the fish will be cooked all the way through without drying out.

This dish pairs well with pinot noir. We highly recommend the Belle Glos series of pinot noir.

Serves 2


2 Fresh Faroe Island Salmon Filets
2 Individual Cedar Planks, or 1 Large Cedar Plank
Salt and Pepper, or seasoning of your choice
FOGO Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal


Submerge planks in warm water an hour prior to grilling. Allow salmon to come up to room temperature while planks are soaking. Season filets with salt and pepper, or your favorite seasoning. Leave the skin on as it will come off when the filet is removed from the cedar plank.


FOGO premium hardwood lump charcoal lights quickly and burns hot. Pile approximately 10 large coal lumps on one side of the bottom grate of the grill. Ensure the bottom holes of the grill are open to allow air to flow. Light the coals approximately 15 minutes prior to cooking. When the coals begin to turn gray in color, install top grill grate and place the lid on the grill (lid air vents should be open). Use the air vents to adjust the temperature of the grill to 350°F.

Remove planks from water and place on grill directly above the hot coals. Sear the planks for about 3 minutes, or until planks begin to blacken. The darker the planks, the smokier the flavor! Flip the planks, and move them away from the hot coals for indirect heat cooking. Place the salmon skin side down onto the charred side of the plank, and replace the lid of the grill. Maintaining a 350°F grill temperature, rotate the planks 180° every 5 minutes to ensure consistent cooking.

The fish is finished cooking when it flakes easily with a fork (approx. 20 minutes, depending on size of filets). Remove the salmon gently from the planks with a spatula, and place in a covered dish to rest for 5 minutes before serving.

** Cooking Tip: For a nice smoky glaze on the salmon filets, move the plank directly over the coals for the last 5 minutes of cooking time. Close gril lid and open all air vents for three minutes to char/smoke the plank, then close vents and smoke the fish for final two minutes.